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Poster: ahcas Date: Dec 5, 2005 9:23pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Can't play on mac

what error messages have you got?

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Poster: Ash Starkey Date: Dec 6, 2005 7:14am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Can't play on mac

When trying to play mp4's tht I've downloaded I mainly get...

a bad public movie atom was found in the movie (-2002)
sometimes I get
It is not a file Quicktime understands.

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Poster: ahcas Date: Dec 7, 2005 7:55pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Can't play on mac

re: error messages 'bad public movie atom'

- atoms hold information such as length, last resolution played at etc, hence you have movie atoms (for info about QT movie tracks), but can also have user data atoms (eg. copyright info etc)

it's all here, which came from the Apple Developer Connection site: (ADC)


- some of the links have people fixing the problem by zipping and unzipping the movie, another person just updated to the latest version of QuickTime, from Apple's site:

- another suggestion I have, in case the mp4 is non-standard is to use this program to convert it to something you can read: - ffmpegX does a ton of other stuff

Please reply so other people can see what worked for you.

God Bless,

Sacha Mitchell

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Poster: Ash Starkey Date: Dec 12, 2005 2:50pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Can't play on mac

Alright many thanks for all the tips...I've learnt a bit about bad atoms and all..
I tried the VLC player and ffmpegX and Mpeg Streamclip and none of those worked. Also tried some zipping and success.
Then i went back to kennyd's early tip that I was doing something wrong with the actual downloading....aha! I tried to get the URL to send to kennyd but d for some reason i couldn't access the Prelinger movies for a couple of days. Them i had another go myself and it turned out that double clicking on the mpeg4 download file was not actually downloading it. I had to click on the item whilst holding the option key and then selecting the mpeg4 file....success again and it was all so simple. As i said i've learnt a lot though so thanks again. Got one more small problem though....when I try and use the clips in Final Cut Pro i get clicks in the audio....I think this is because they are at 22.050kHz instead of 48000....I've tried exporting them from Final Cut Pro as mpegs with the rate at 48000 which hasn't worked. I've tried to convert them using ffmpegX but it seems to get stuck at 93 and 94% for some reason. Any suggestions or solutions?

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